Tuesday, January 17, 2017

You made me famous! by: Brandi Blakley

Two Pretty Broads

Hey, guys! I’m glad you found this blog to troll. Here’s the thing… You tried your hardest to ruin me, but what you did was make yourselves out to look bad. I must say that at first I was upset, but the more time I spent thinking about it, the more I realized this isn’t a bad thing. YOU MADE ME FAMOUS! You did the exact opposite of what you set out to do. I am currently the most talked about person in poker. I am being asked to go on to podcast, to write my side of the story, and to interview me! The BEST part; I was offered a contract to blog about my life and for my business partner Ashlee and I to created 22 podcast. *laughing* I know you jealous bitches thought that you were getting rid of me, but guess what? I am not going…

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