Sunday, March 12, 2017

Frm. FBI agent admits: Obama ordered destruction of classified information after Trump election win

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After long speculation the truth has finally come out: a former FBI agent, whom our reporters have confirmed to be a former FBI agent but who requested that his identity remains secret has confirmed that on November the 9th (2016), right after Donald Trump’s election victory, the federal bureau of investigations was ordered by the White house to destroy big parts of the Clinton-Email investigation.

Our source claimed that the data that was destroyed would have included proof of a weapons deal during Clinton’s time as Secretary of State with the government of Saudi-Arabia in return for millions of campaign contributions for Clinton’s run in 2016. Many agents within the FBI where shocked by this unprecedented action of the White house and lost all faith in the department after FBI director James Comey refused to take actions against it, possibly because he was being blackmailed by the Obama administration…

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