Thursday, April 28, 2016

Is Hillary Clinton corrupt in any way?

Is Hillary Clinton corrupt in any way? by John James

Answer by John James:

Hillary has a powerful and unique ability to conjure up scandals within scandals.  It wasn’t just Whitewater, it was also Vincent Foster’s death.  It wasn’t just Paula Jones, it was Hillary’s knowledge and concealment of Paula Jones and others. 

It wasn’t just the acceptance of millions of dollars in donations from nefarious characters to the Clinton Global Initiative and Clinton Foundation.  It is the millions of dollars that come in to the Foundation as both income and charity simultaneously.  More recently we have favors for donations as the family of the Secretary of State raked in millions in income from entities who were beneficiaries of her influence. 

Looking back, there are the accusations of insider trading with Tyson Foods.  Hillary made unrealistic sudden financial gains in the 1970s on cattle futures, while acting as a top legal advisor for Tyson Foods.  

Then there is the whole episode regarding Benghazi.  The reasons for ignoring the ambassadors hundreds of requests for help, the cover up of the attacks themselves, and of course the email scandal within the scandal itself.  There is much more, but this should wet your whistle. 

Is Hillary Clinton corrupt in any way?

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